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We believe in, encourage and implement online ordering.

A significant and constantly increasing percentage of our customer orders is placed through our online B2B platform. Online ordering does not eliminate the communication between the pharmacist and Dynamic Pharma, but it reduces the call times to the absolutely necessary and important information (queries, special orders etc.).


Online ordering can improve the operation of the pharmacy and bring added value to it

  • You can check Dynamic Pharma’s stock in products real-time, and provide answers to your customers 24/7.
  • You can place your order whenever you want, without being bound by a phone call and without letting your customers waiting.
  • By creating an order based on the sales of the day, you can just decide which products you want to order again and avoid shortage in stock.
  • Errors can be eliminated.
  • You can automatically export your invoices.
  • You can automatically update the medicines’ and parapharmaceuticals’ database.
  • You can monitor your balance and your order history.
  • You can improve the management of shortages.


For information and expression of interest, please contact us at:  
Tel: (+30) 210 5799656, e-mail: vmonokrousou@dinamiki.gr 


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