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Δυναμική Φαρμακαποθήκη
Dynamic Pharma’s Distribution Center operates complying with the standards of GDP (Goods Distribution Practices) of the European Medicines Agency

We operate in a modern distribution center capable of storing, handling and transporting temperature sensitive products. We have the ability to execute and dispatch an order throughout Greece within 24 hours. Our Supply Chain department is responsible for the management and distribution of products and it consists of four sections:

  • Order receipt and Customer Service
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Credit Control
  • Returns handling


Our Supply Chain is implemented and controlled by a robust ERP System

Our ERP software allows the constant monitoring of dispatched products according to batch, quantity, destination and delivery time.
The Dynamic Pharmaceuticals distribution center ensures that every partner and pharmaceutical company enjoys timely and accurate results, while maintaining compliance with all legal procedures for safe and proper storage of goods. In particular, the warehouse is equipped with:

  • Access control systems
  • Security protection (24h/365days)
  • Automated fire detection / protection systems
  • Environmental Safety
  • Controlled and electronically recorded levels of the warehouse’s temperature and humidity levels


Services of the 3PL department

All the procedures in the supply chain department are carried out by the ERP software and are especially designed to promote quality, service and reasonable cost. Our experienced and customer-centric staff is always focused on the continuous improvement and upgrade of our services.

Our services include:

  • Products handling: Unloading of the goods from pallets and inspection of the received items regarding quantity, expiration dates and batches.
  • Electronic support - data: Defining the best communication process according to each partner’s system.
  • Picking: process and execution of the orders on FEFO (First Expired- First Out) or FIFO (First In-First Out) basis
  • Extended distribution services throughout Greece
  • Reverse Logistics: Collection, receipt, inspection and classification of returned products according to the partner’s instructions
  • Payments: Collection of payments regarding deliveries according to the customer’s commercial policy
  • Management of temperature controlled products: Storage and distribution at 2°-8°C and 15°-25°C
  • Order receipt: Dedicated Call center for order receipt in accordance with the requirements of our partners
  • Inventory : according to our partners’ requirements
  • Statistical reports
  • Possibility of printing and applying authenticity labels on pharmaceutical products


Cooperating companies

Virtus Farma

Innovation, Evolution, Medical Technology for a better Quality of Life.


The company is mainly active in the field of Nephrology (Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Purification), as well as in the fields of Urology, General Surgery and Intensive Care.


A pharmaceutical company focused on promotion, sales and distribution of specialized pharmaceuticals. We reposition on the market, already recognized products and we offer regulatory and marketing services.


Mediprime's vision is the advance of science through the faith and respect for human existence. Moreover, their ambition is to optimize the quality of patient’s life, by providing healthcare products of the best quality through a range of innovative therapies.

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